How do I invest and/or apply for a loan?
Visit our office located at Kingsway Building (1st Floor), 2/4 Davies Street, Marina, Lagos. You can also send us an email at enquiries@lighthouse.com.ng, and we will walk you through the process.
What initial documents am I required to present?
1. Incorporation documents.

a.) Certificate of Incorporation

b.) Memorandum and Articles of Association

c.) Form CAC2 (Statement of share capital and return of allotment)

d.) Form CAC7 (Particulars of Directors)

e.) Tax clearance

2. Detailed Letter of Application and Company Profile

3. Detailed Resumes of Directors and Management

Details should amongst other things include: House address, phone number, schools attended and qualifications obtained, and if they are directors of any other companies apart from the applying company.

4. Means of Identification of Directors and Senior Management (International Passport or Driver’s License)

5. Detailed Business plan and cashflow projections for the business associated with the loan.

6. Signed Work Orders / Contracts / Memorandums of Understanding / Letters of Intent, from clients, if any.

7. Audited accounts of your company, if any

8. Documents of the collateral security you want to use to access the loan.

9. Any current loan facility the company has taken and how secure it is

10. Completed “know your customer” (KYC) form. (Find form attached in downloads)

What is the interest rate?

We don’t believe in a one size fits all approach. On a case by case basis we apply the prevailing market related pricing to determine repayment on loans.